I guess I gotta say „sorry“ for not being active for 3 months but I was barely at home and literally just travelling through New Zealand. Btw I’m already here for  195 days, 6 1/2 months, half way through my exchange which actually makes me really sad. I can’t think of leaving my second home, family, friends and my life here behind to go back to Austria in 5 months.

Anyways, where was I for the last 3 months?
As soon as I got back from the South Island Tour, we had a family dinner on the same night which was like an early xmas dinner.
On Tuesday, the 6th of December I went to the airport to say goodbye to 2 of my best friends in school, Solal and Martin. I literally spent all my time in school with them so I guess you can tell it was really hard for me to let them go back to their countries.
On the 7th I went for a run with my host sister Ebony in the morning and later on we went to Piha and the Piha Waterfalls with 2 of her friends (Jihae & Mylinh).


On the 8th I met with Ana, on the 9th I went to Westgate and on the 10th I went to a birthday Party with Ebony and Ana. From the 11th to the 12th Ana spent the night at my place and on the 13th I met with my last host sister Mish. I had Rotary on the 15th where Ana had her speech about her year in NZ.
On the 16th I went to the airport to say goodbye to Tola from Cambodia. She was the first one from our Rotary group who had to leave.
On the 17th my family and I celebrated Xmas because on the next day we were off to Coromandel.


So I start writing another blog now because now my travelling starts again. Btw as I might can tell by now I started writing in English – not too sure why but I reckon it’s because I“m surrounded by it 24/7 so it’s pretty much easier for me because I normally forget words in German.

Nina xx



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