Coromandel, Xmas and New Year’s

Yes, I had the pleasure to spend 2 1/2 weeks with my host family in their batch in Coromandel during Christmas and New Year’s. We, my host family, 2 of my host sister’s friends and I, drove down on Saturday morning (18th of December) which took about 2 1/2h. Then we had to take the boat for about 10mins to the batch because there’s no road excess. As soon as we got their we tidied the house up, brough the food inside and then set up the tent in which Ebony, her friends & I were sleeping in. For the rest of the day we just went for a swim and got tanned.

On the 19th we went swimming again and it was my first time holding a star fish in my hand. We went snorkeling on the next day and then on the 21st in the evening we saw dolphins going past our bay. My host dad told us to get the boat ready so we could follow them.




The rest of the damily arrived on the 23rd and then on the 24th we „celebrated“ Christmas Eve with dinner. Btw that was the day when I first saw a shark. On the 25th, the actual Christmas day we had a nice lunch and dinner but tbh I wasn’t in xmas mood at all haha. From the 26th to the 29th  was it raining all the time that’s why we couldn’t do much.
On the 30th my host mom took Ebony and me to Coromandel town and then to the Coromandel cattery where we were able to pet some of the cats. Afterwards we went snorkeling and I saw a sting ray.





On the 31st, New Year’s, we had a nice dinner again and afterwards we had a bonfire on the beach and waited until midnight.




On the 1st I literally just spend the whole day on the beach and got tanned because Ebony & I took the ferry home on the 2nd of January.

So that was pretty much my trip to Coromandel 🙂



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