The hardest goodbye and how I’ve changed

I guess the hardest part about an exchange is the goodbyes you have to say. On Tuesday, the 17th of January, I had to say bye to my best friend, oldie and family Ana who had to go back to Brazil. Through the past 6 months we were together 24/7, were in the same school, did something afterwards and spent the weekends together as well. The longest we’ve been without each other was 2 weeks and that was terribly hard. I know I’ll always have a home in Brazil and she’ll always have one in Austria but still, I never wanted to say goodbye to my little, older girl.

After this day I turned from a newbie to an oldie which is not a good thing because it makes me realise that I’m half way through my exchange and believe me, time flies so fast. I remember the day I arrived in New Zealand and when I look back .. man ..  I changed a lot. Not only physically (well yes, food is yum so I gained some weight) but also mentally. I got to know myself so much better. I know and changed my likes and dislikes and learnt how to deal with different situations. Getting out of your comfort zone is scary at first but after a while you realise how are so glad that you did it. On some days I wake up and think about my life back in Austria and how boring it actually was. The same routine everyday:  waking up early, going to school, having lunch, studying and then going to bed. On the weekends you might go out clubbing or just meeting friends but there was always this pressure inside that told you that you should study. School in Austria is hard, so much harder than a lot of people can imagine, especially the type of school I chose but as much as I appreciate and love it, I needed a break. A break from studying and all this pressure, so I came to New Zealand and I can’t say it enough but it was the best decision in my life. New Zealand gave me the time to „recover“ and to let me find myself again. I don’t regret leaving everything behind, why would I? Living in another country on the other side of the world for one year is so much more worth than staying in the same old routine you’re used to. And again, it is the best decision you can make.


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