Coromandel, North Island Tour and Langs Beach

From the 18th to the 21st of Jan my host family and I went down to Coromandel again where we were quite lucky with the weather this time because it was finally sunny ! I just spent the days relaxing and sunbathing.

We came home on the 21st and on the same day Murray from my Rotary club and Marie, an exchange student from France, came to my place to discuss the North Island Tour we’d do on the following days.

On Sunday, the 22nd it was time to start the Tour down South to Gisborne with Murray and Marie which took about 6h but I slept most of the time so it was actually quite ok. On that day we just went to the beach, had dinner and went then to bed.



On Monday, the 23rd of Jan, Marie and I went to the Botanic Gardens and then to the  Tarawhiti museum. Later on, we continued our journey to Napier which was about an 2h from Gisborne. As soon as we arrived, we went to the Sunken Gardens, the Pier, the Prison where we had a tour and then to the Centennial Gardens.






On Tuesday, the 24th, we spent the morning on the beach, still in Napier. We were then off to Palmerston North where Marie and I went shopping and spent some time in the park.


After that we drove down to Wellington, where we went up to Mt. Victoria and had a pretty nice view over Wellington.



On Wednesday we spent reptty much the whole day in Te Papa, the national museum. In the evening, after dinner, we went up to Mt. Victoria again where we had a stunning view.





On the 26th we spent the morning in Wellington where we went to the memorial tower, great war exibition and had a walk along the waterfront:





After that we drove to Whanganui where we literally just went to the park and played cards. Later on, we continued our journey to our last stop which is New Plymouth.



On Friday, the 27th, Marie & I went to the waterfront again (in New Plymouth) & while we were walking there we saw a seal sleeping. After that we drove for about 5h to get back to Auckland.


On the same day, as soon as I got home, my host family decided to go to Langs Beach earlier (our plan was to go there the day after I got home) so we drove there on the same day and stayed until the 30th. It was a family weekend so I got to meet more people and we just spent these 3 days together, got tanned and ate a lot haha. In Monday we drove back home.


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