Hoe Down, Hobbiton, Rotorua and Taupo – Update

I’m back with another update whoop whoop !!

Ok, so I spent the night from Friday, the 24th of March to the 25th at Kirsty’s, a friend of mine (obviously). Then the night from the 25th to the 26th at Marilena’s, an ex-exchange student who went to Switzerland and then I spent the Sunday, 26th of March, with Moana so it was a pretty busy weekend.




Idk if I’ve mentioned it but I’m in the ball committee at my school so I had a couple of meetings and we already came up with a theme (A night in Mount Olymp), location and music. A thing that’s really different compared to Austrian proms is that in NZ only the students go there so no parents. In Austria, the whole family comes to your prom but in NZ it’s only the students.

On Friday, the 31st of March, I met up with Lucas, my newbie from Brasil. He was cooking dinner and I spent the night at his because on Saturday morning we were off to Takapuna.

On the 6th of April, I had Rotary and on Friday I spent the night at Moana’s. I went to Bayley’s on Saturday with a couple of friends and Kirsty spent the night from Sturday to Sunday at mine then.  On Sunday I met up with Moana again and we went to Muriwai Beach.


From Thursday, the 13th of April, to Friday Anya, a friend from school, spent the night at mine and on Saturday I went to Takapuna. In the evening, my host fam took me to a hoe down which was my first time going to one.

On Sunday, the 16th of April we left home early in the morning ‚cause I finally got to see Hobbiton !!






After that, we went down to Rotorua where we did the Luge and visited a thermal park



Then we were off to Taupo where we spent the night.
On Monday, the 17th of April, the did the Taupo Lake Cruise to the Maori cravings and visited the Haka falls before we headed back home.



On Wednesday, the 19th of March it was my host mom’s birthday so I made her a cake and we celebrated. On Thursday, I met up with Moana and we went to the movies to watch „The fate of the furious“ and we then went to the night markets.

That’s it so far,
Nina xx


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