District Conference, Surprise Party, Whangarei and Waitomo Glow Warm Caves

Whoop whoop guess who’s back?
I know it’s been quite a while now since I’ve posted something but I was actually really busy because as you might know, my time in New Zealand is almost over. Anyways, let’s start:

On Friday, the 21st of April, my Councelor was picking me up because it was time for the Rotary District Conference up in Whangarei which is a weekend full of Rotarians who are talking about their experience and their goals. As soon as we arrived, we, of course, met up with the other exchange students and then we mingled with the Rotarians. We were then off to Whangarei Boys High School where we all spent the night.
On Saturday, the conference actually started so we just had to sit and listen until it was our turn because the IYE’s presented their flags. We didn’t actually do anything on that day expect for listening to what people had to say. In the evening then we prepared our speeches for the following day about what exchange is, how it has changed our future and what we’ve learnt from it.
On Sunday then, 3 of us delivered the speeches and we all supported them. We then listened to some other people which then followed by a walk around the water front for Alzheimer. After that, we were off home.



On Monday, I spent the night at Moana’s and we then wen to the beach on Tuesday. I went to Hannah’s on Wednesday to go ball dress shopping on Tuesday. She then came to my place and stayed the night there. The following day I was at Moana’s for the night again.

On Monday, 1st of May, the IYE’s were off to Long Bay for the Challenge camp. I wanna write a seperate article for that.Anyways, we were back home on Friday, the 5th.

I picked my ball dress from the tailor up on Saturday and then I went to the movies with Lucas. On Sunday, the 7th of May, I met up with my second host family and we went horse trekking in Muriwai. On Friday, the 12th, I went to Lucas‘ again to watch him and Max having a soccer game. We were then off to Lara’s place in Orewa on Saturday where we spent the night and then on Sunday we went back home. From the 17th to the 18th I was at Moana’s again and then on Thursday I had Rotary. On Saturday, the 20th of May, it was time for Lara’s surprise birthday party which I had planned for her.


In school, we had pink shirt day on the 23rd which is a day dedicated for anti-bullying. I spent the night at Moana’s on Thursday again and then on Friday, the 26th we decided to go up to Whangarei to see her family. On Saturday, we went to the Quarry Gardens, got our nails done and did some shopping. On Sunday, we were off to Ngawha Springs which are mud pools and on Monday we made our way back home. I still spent the night at her’s then and went back home on Tuesday.



I was at Lucas‘ place on Thursday and went then to Rotary. On Friday I was at Moana’s and on Saturday, the 3rd of June, I was off to the Glow Warm Caves in Waitomo. My second family picked me up in the morning to see Rory’s soccer match. After that, we made our way down to Cambridge where we stayed with some friends of the family. On Sunday morning we actually went to the Glow Warm Caves then. We had a tour in Ruakuri first which followed by a tour in the actual Waitomo cave then.





I met up with Anya on Monday, the 5th, and with Charmaine to watch a movie on Tuesday. Wednesday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday I was at Moanas.

That’s it. Sorry, for not posting in ages but I didn’t get to do it until now which is because I’m sick. Anyways, have a good day lovies.


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