Last month in NZ

Thats what happened in my last month:

From the 15th of 16th of June, Lara, a Swiss exchange student, came to stay at my place and we went to the night markets in Henderson. On Sunday, 18th of June, we had our Rotary farewell in Whangarei. It was the last time seeing all the exchange students again.


I got my nails and a stray tan for my ball on the 22nd and then had my ball on the 24th of June




On Sunday I met up with Marilena and on Monday I went to the hot pools with Moana and her family. It was my hot sister’s birthday on Wednesday, the 28th, so we celebrated that at home with a nice dinner. I went to Rotary the following day and then had my farewell party on the 1st of July where my phone got stolen. I spent that night at Moana’s.

I met up with Payton and quincy on the 3rd then because he let me borrow his old phone until I bought a new one. On Wednesday I went to Onehunga with Moana and on Thursday I had my farewell Rotary speech. I spent the night from Friday to Saturday at Lucas‘ place and we watched 2 movies. On Sunday, the 9th, I met up with Kirsty in town and we went out for dinner.


From the 11th to the 12th I was at Moana’s and we went to the Skytower for dinner.



On the 12th I met up with Marilena again and then on Thursday the 10th I finally got a tattoo at the B.inked studio in Huapai !!


On Friday I met up with Kirsty one last time and Anya spent the night at mine. I then went out for Brunch with Paris on Saturday and watched a movie with Lucas on Sunday. I went to town with Marilena, Lara, Freddie and Lucas on Monday, the 17th, and went to Marilena’s afterwards to say goodbye to her and Payton who came over. I went to the Airport on Tuesday to say goodbye to Lara and Eva and after that I had my farewell dinner with Rotary.

On Wednesday, 19th, Moana, Paris and I went clubbing to 1885 and Roxy.


On Friday Moana stayed at my place and on Saturday morning, 22nd of July, I had to catch my flight back home.



38h später bin ich dann auch in Österreich angekommen.


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